California Appeal Attorney Ronald Ziff Fights for Your Right to a Fair Trial, Habeas Petitions & Direct Appeals in Los Angeles

California Appeal Attorney

The Power of Contesting the Verdict

Judges can be wrong. Innocent California criminal defendants can receive unfair sentences. These wrongful convictions are the result of common mistakes made during your defense process. In many cases, your verdict can be reversed with a state or federal criminal appeal assisted by an experienced California appeal attorney.

California Appeal Attorney Ronald Ziff files Habeas Petitions & Direct Appeals in Los Angeles

Criminal Appeals

The legal system can be intimidating. Many California defendants will accept their sentences and endure a lifetime of injustice. Frequently, when a criminal case is examined by a skilled California appeal attorney, potential causes for your inappropriate sentence are uncovered. The criminal appeal process is designed to give defendants another chance to present their cases in front of a higher court, such as the California Supreme Court or Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Your Rights

Bringing Your Case to a Higher Court

Although there are many good reasons to seek a criminal appeal, some of the more common mistakes include sentences that were based on inappropriate evidence, prosecutor/attorney errors, and more.

If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, proving your innocence can be difficult. For this reason, contacting a talented California appellate attorney, such as Abby Klein, is your smartest defense.

Appeal Attorney in California files Habeas Petitions & Direct Appeals, Fights for Your Right to a Fair Trial

Experience Matters

The process begins with knowing how the system works and using it to the clients’ advantage. Ronald Ziff and Abby Klein have been representing California defendants for more than five decades. Ms. Klein has been involved with high-profile cases such as Rodney King; Mr. Ziff was a former prosecutor so knows the law from both sides.

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As a former California prosecutor, Ronald A. Ziff knows both sides of the argument. This gives your case a winning edge.

Writ of Habeas Corpus

The Writ of Habeas Corpus is a court order to an agency, institution, or prison warden holding someone in custody to bring the imprisoned person to the court that issued the order; it is a way for prisoners to challenge their conditions of confinement or convictions. Different from criminal appeals, writs involve review by appellate courts and are used to determine whether or not the state’s detention of a prisoner is valid.

The Importance of Timing

Criminal appeals have very strict time limits associated with filing and processing. If you fail to act in a timely fashion, you will forfeit your right to appeal.

Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus must also be timely filed or they will be “time barred,” that is, the court will not review your petition for relief. Contact California Appellate Attorney Abby Klein to get started.

As Ms. Klein Explains

“I scrutinize every word of the record until I know the motions, all of the evidence, opening statements, the objections, the details of the rulings, the arguments…every aspect of the trial. This careful review is absolutely necessary in order to identify every single error whether made by the Judge, the police, the prosecutor or even the defense attorney.”