Exercise Your Right to a Fair Trial

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In the Court of Appeals for California, our Appeals Lawyer files Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Direct Appeals

If you believe your right to a fair trial was not granted, you could greatly benefit from hiring an outstanding California appeals lawyer, such as Abby Besser Klein*.

Ms. Klein* will explore the option of filing an appeal, which is a request filed on your behalf to the state or federal appeals court,  to review the proceedings of your trial to, among other things, determine whether you were denied the right to a fair trial.

Based solely on the trial court record, an appeal includes both the reporter’s transcripts (pretrial and trial proceeding statements) and the clerk’s transcripts (all motions and documents filed with the courts).

“The ‘Great’ Writ of Habeas Corpus cannot replace a direct appeal.”

A Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus is based upon evidence not presented at trial. In some cases both an appeal and Habeas Corpus Petition need to be filed, such as when errors occurred at trial and should be corrected and/or when errors that should have been on the record were omitted.
Whether we file an appeal, a Petition for Habeas Corpus, or both, the final objective is the same: Your freedom is at stake. Every case is different. Abby* will determine which procedural track to follow once we know the specific facts of your case.

Delays Will Impact Your Right to a Fair Trial

When our appellate attorney, Abby Klein*, prepares your writ or appeal, she first will listen carefully to your concerns. Then Ms. Klein* will examine in detail the entire record of the case so she is able to raise every issue that should be presented to the appropriate reviewing court. Habeas petitions must be filed in a timely manner or they will be “time barred,” and the court will not review your petition for relief.

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At the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ziff, we take a hands-on, personal approach with our clients. Your case will be handled by Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Ronald Ziff, or California criminal appellate attorney, Abby Klein*—not handed down to an associate attorney with less experience. The firm’s outstanding philosophy, combined with individual client care, is reflected in the positive results consistently earned.

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